The Sale – The Service/Product, The Price, The Outcome

Dec 5, 2011

What part of the sale do you recall?

Each time it is based on various emotions and feelings.

 Most of us have had the experience of dining out and experienced poor service or meals….. when asked about the particular restaurant what do you recall? The Price? The Service?  A good experience will result in you telling friends “I had the most divine meal with a lovely service” Compared to “I paid $27 for a steak and lousy service”

What about when you make a significant purchase like a car….. a while down the track if your car is great, and the salesperson did a great job we seldom recall the price. On the flip side buy a lemon or experience an untrustworthy  salesperson you generally recite something like “This lemon cost me $27,500!”

A poor outcome  often results in price recall and a satisfying purchase often results in us reliving the emotions and feelings created!

Selling Blinds, Awnings and Shutters on a daily basis, we see many people who are “price driven”.  Thankfully for us there are some wonderful clients who appreciate  good old fashioned service and competitive prices for quality goods. 

“Actions speak louder than words”

In today’s society we are so hung up on receiving a “good deal” and a “discount” (now there is a blog for another day!) We get so wrapped up in the dollar we forget to price our satisfaction! What we really want is a “good” experience.

The old saying “price is long forgotten after poor quality remains” rings true.

Sometimes the best purchase is not the cheapest. For a little more dollar you may feel at ease with the sales person, or had less concerns, your questions have been answered and most importantly you feel good!

By all means do engage others to  compare products/services and prices where applicable, but just as important as your pay packet each week, is comparing the price of your satisfaction.

No good going ahead with the cheapest option and fighting tooth and nail along the way. Your energy is worth far more than that!