Grey, The New Neutral

Apr 20, 2016


In the course of the most recent couple of years we have seen shades of grey in the spotlight of fashion runways and exhibited as the new neutral. Gradually finding its way into interiors and home decor, we see this trend remaining a robust contender within the interior beautifying pallet. It’s without a doubt now the go to Neutral and Creative Blinds partnered with Texstyle have got it covered.

texstyle greys

The magnificence of this shade is its adaptability. You can keep your greys warm, with yellow and brown suggestions to compliment timber and stone, or cooler greys with pinks and blues blended into work back impeccably with concrete and metal finishes.

greys blog photo

You can utilize greys with different approaches to make unmistakably distinctive looks. Fabricate various layers of grey tones to make a modern and soothing monochromatic look or incorporate grey into an element piece to pop and stand out.

We trust you will love choosing grey for your next project. Get creative and transform your livng space into either dark and dramatic, delicate and tranquil, or anyplace in the middle.

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