WARWICK – New Drapery Collections 2020

Oct 1, 2019

Warwick have joined forces with our friends over at Dulux and Laminex to bring you the FORECAST 2020. The New Year is quickly approaching and it is going to be an exciting one with some key ideas around colour, texture and design coming through in 2020. In this post we break the four themes of REWIND, PROSPER, SANCTUARY & HERITAGE down and look at some of the textiles helping bring them to life…

Featured Collection – Graphica by Weave.

REWIND’s design direction encompasses the idea of reinterpreting retro. This theme has evolved from last year’s mid-century modern trends and with Bauhaus celebrating its 100th year anniversary – we are seeing lots of 1920s influence in the patterns and palette of yesteryears designs. The colours driving REWIND include earthy warm browns, tan, ochre & mustard with teal tinged blues and navy hues to offer a touch of contrast. Materials and texture playing their part in this theme include leather, suede, velvet, soft-touch chenille, corduroy and boucle. 

Featured Fabrics (left) – Lovely, Brissaud, Elton, Adore, Husk, Parissi, Component, Cruze & Alonzo.
Featured Fabric (right) – Lempika by Warwick.

Featured Collection – Ava by Weave.

Extravagant, sumptuous and enticing – PROSPER is all about luxury, opulence and the embrace of maximalism. The palette inspiring PROSPER is primarily made up of rich, warmer hues including burgundy, deep reds, clay, terracotta, peach and ochre. Tones of teal make another appearance to add a touch of contrast to the mix. Soft, silky and luxe – textures bringing this theme to life include velvets, warp-knits, soft-touch chenille, silks, viscose and bamboo.

Featured Fabrics (left) – Zion, Husk, Elton, Lovely, Adore, Davina, Parissi, Augustus & Essence.
Featured Collection (right) – Muse by Weave.

Featured Fabric – Davina by Linia.

SANCTUARY plays to the theme of connection in our interiors. With much of our time spent at home – creating an environment that makes us feel safe and relaxed is a very important idea in today’s world. The colours creating theses spaces include warm, neutral and whites with sandy tones, taupe and softer tones of blush and peach. Textiles and textures perfect for these nurturing spaces include natural fibres like cotton, linen, bamboo and wool and a selection of blended and recycled fabrics.

Featured Fabrics (left) – Tweedy, Peyton, Kodiak, Davina, Arkley, Husk, Ovolo, Zion & Axiom.
Featured Range (right) – Bianca by Weave.

Featured Fabric – Arlington by Warwick.

Honouring the past is the theme of HERITAGE – unlike the REWIND story, this style plays to the emotions and nostalgia around traditional patterns. Think classic checks, grids and stripes with coordinating plains – timeless in style. Colours encompassing this theme include rustic reds, navy and soft duck-egg blues with hues of green slowly making their way back. Rustic and raw, the textiles behind this theme are primarily dry and textured in a selection of weaves with more natural and organic looking finishes.

Featured Fabrics (left) – Tweedy, Peyton, Husk, Davina, Plinth, Haven, Elton, Kodiak, Cheshire & Malabar.
Featured Fabric (right) – Penelope by Warwick.

Heading into 2020 there is plenty to get excited about with texture at the centre of attention. Combining textiles, material and colour with these four key themes in mind gets us very excited for the new decade. With all that being said – make sure you keep the tags coming on Facebook @creativeblinds and Instagram – @creativeblinds We LOVE seeing how and where our fabrics are used and we really appreciate everyone who continually shows their support.

Until next time!

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