This is my first blog EVER yesterday afternoon12th June 2019 to the Ballina display /factory with a broken vertical blind that i purchased from them 20 years ago from the same location and as the receptionist was on the phone another gentleman from the service area asked if he could help me when i told him my problem and that i had the vertical in the car he immediately came with me to the car and seen what the problem was took the mechanism out took it into the workshop and started to fix it !!! I was astounded to say the least to come back after 20 years without making contact with them and to be given such service it would have taken about 20 minutes to fix it How special he made me feel and how much it meant to be given service like i had been given 20 years ago IT SAYS SO MUCH ABOUT USING LOCAL TRADESMEN FROM YOUR AREA THEY CARE !!!! Now I’m embarrassed that i didn’t even ask his name . The man turned out to be in charge of the service dept and I apologised for not being able to acknowledge him formally as he deserves but i’m sure anyone that has had dealings with him would be in awe of his tradesman style and the friendly attitude that has caused me to find out how to tell everyone about a Local Business that asked nothing and gave all to help me when I needed it thanks again to the service MAN Yesterday may have been just a part of a days work to him but for me it was service like it used to be when i bought the verticals new and they have stood the time with very very little wear and tear after being tenanted for half that time Thanks again it truly was appreciated