Carbolite Awning Lennox Head

Jan 1, 1970

Best Applications for Carbolite Awnings

Carbolite Awnings are suitable for use over both windows and doorways, and are particularly useful in areas that receive limited natural light.
Carbolite Awnings are a stylish alternative for people seeking all important protection from the elements without compromising on light transmission.

What colours are available?

Carbolite Awnings are made from 8mm twin walled polycarbonate material, which comes in Clear, Grey, Solar Metal, Bronze, Solar Ice.

The aluminium frame comes in 4 standard colours White, Cream (Primrose) Black Satin and Bronze anodised and Additional colours are also available for the  Dulux website 

Light Transmission

Unlike other traditional metal awnings Carbolite awnings are made from a polycarbonate material allowing light to pass though whilst blocking those harmful UV’s. The colour chosen will depict how much light is transmitted through your awning.