Renovating and finding out why blinds are so important

Dec 7, 2011

We recently had our house painted on the inside which was a job we had been putting off for many months due to a number of reasons however we decided to get the job done.

We waited for, hopefully a dry week, and we pulled the place apart starting one room at a time with moving furniture, taking down pictures etc and taking down our existing window furnishings.

The first thing we noticed about not having blinds up is that without having a blind to the window and with winter  upon us is that our house felt really cold.  We happened to start painting while it was dry and clear however it had started to get cold.  The second thing we noticed was that our privacy was compromised.  While we live ruraly and don’t run around the house naked potentially anyone (including family)  looking our way could see what we were doing and we really weren’t used to that.

The other thing was that the windows seemed bare.  It hit home to us that whilst blinds have many functions one of those is creating a stylish décor and it doesn’t need to be expensive or fancy.

After four days of painting and then putting all the furniture back in place, cleaning up and rehanging our blinds we were really happy with the result.  And again it showed the many reasons why blinds are so important to the overall function of your home.