Cleaning products for Clear PVC Awnings

Oct 27, 2012

Clear PVC Awnings Cleaner

VuPlex® – perfect for use around outdoor entertainment areas

Clear PVC blinds

One of VuPlex’s effective applications is the cleaning and protection of flexible clear PVC blinds (alfresco or patio blinds). There are many advantages of this remarkable plastic material, however, there are some drawbacks.

Clear PVC blinds are susceptible to attracting dust and dirt due to the high static build up and the materials porous nature. BBQ spatter and grease, grass staining from line trimmers, sun degradation by way of plasticiser migration, create a dirty, milkly look very quickly. Also general scratching from wear and tear from wind abrasion and impact all take a toll on the clear view you were hoping to enjoy.

VuPlex addresses all of these problems providing you with a clear, clean and protected blind with very little effort. It puts the word clear back into “Clear Blind” which is the reason you purchased clear PVC to start with.

Clear blind cleaning instructions

This can be done by following a few easy steps;

1.If your Alfresco Blinds are new, it is recommended that VuPlex be applied sparing to both sides of the blind using a soft fluffy microfiber cloth as soon as possible after fitting.

This maintains the clarity of the blind and gives the surface a barrier against water damage and abrasion.

The product will need to be reapplied if you notice a loss of clarity, this may be weeks or months depending on the conditions

2.For blinds that are older and have lost their “new look” clarity, wash with a hose to remove any large abrasive material from the surface, then allow to air dry or dry with a clean soft chamois. This initial washing process need only to be done the first time. Subsequent cleaning can be achieved by spraying VuPlex directly onto the surface without washing, assuming there is no large abrasive material present on the surface such as sand or bird droppings.

Apply VuPlex generously to both sides of the blind using a soft clean cotton cloth. Work the product on one metre square patches at a time and then polish the product dry. If the blind is particularly dirty, you may need to apply twice but this is rare.

You will feel the cloth become very slippery when you are close to finishing. VuPlex works by penetrating into the surface the plastic, lifting stains and dirt away by enveloping the unwanted material in a safe coating of lubricant so scratching is reduced during the wiping process.

For the final step and once the entire surface has been treated, use a soft clean fluffy micro fibre cloth to wipe over once more to remove any last residue.

The product will need to be reapplied if you notice a loss of clarity again. The may be weeks or months depending on conditions.

You will find the blinds stay clearer longer and you can sit back and enjoy the view the way you intended.